Introducing SWACIA Japanese Classes

Thank you for taking interest in the Japanese Language Course in 30 Weeks sponsored by SWACIA. My name is Hideko Nagashima, Founder. We started as non-profit organization in Japan 2013, not to teach Japanese, but to help women and children in Nigeria, and our earlier work focused on women and children with poverty which is the biggest problem in Nigeria. In 2016 when we started Japanese language classes as a part of future vocational training in elementary school, Japanese language became very popular among 150 pupils who took the course. When we applied the Japan Foundation for fund to re-edit the textbooks used in Tokyo, they accepted it for publishing textbook that is what you will be using in this program. Until then, there was no Japanese education at all in Nigeria, and our non-profit introduced Nigerian people Japanese language education for the first time in Nigeria. After that I was requested to teach in Abuja university, but my visa expired in 2017 June, and thus I came to New York to renew the visa.  However, the visa process took me almost a year and meanwhile the branch office was set up in New York. In 2018, we published “Japanese Conversation 30 Weeks 1 Romaji Course” in New York.

 Since the Japanese language was meant to be taught at Abuja University, the textbook has expertise contents suitable to university education. As the part of setting up the course in Nigeria, I recruited Japanese people in Tokyo who wish to be teachers and they are learning how to teach Japanese online since 2018. The textbook uses the method called Pana-Lingua method which was popular among foreigners in 1980s. Unlike the currently prevelent direct method, it explains Japanese grammar with simple English. You could easily memorize the verbs from the model table of 19 model. There are about 10,000 verbs in Japanese and each one conjugates differently and in other schools, they are forced to remember each one case by case, which is overwhelming. However, with the Pana-Lingua method, you can learn all verbs just by memorizing only 19 verbs. Total conversation course is 60 hours. Kana-Kanji course is 60 hours.  Various expressions were systematized and organized based on this model. We are here to help you learn this very dynamic way of learning Japanese language.  The journey has just now began.

Cordially, Hideko Nagashima


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