I honestly feel like I’m fluent.

When I started taking Japanese classes with SWACIA, I was not a hundred percent sure about it since I studied on my own in the years prior. However, I cannot say that SWACIA’s classes have taught me nothing. Before taking these classes, I knew how to speak informally. I could carry out a conversation but only using informal language and I only knew how to read and write hiragana, kanji and katakana were somewhat difficult for me to understand. Knowing this would not get me very far, I registered the classes with SWACIA online course. We started off slow, talking about the Japanese alphabet and how to pronounce everything. And now, 30 hours later, we are talking about conjugating and passive, causative, causative passive and more.  Thanks to this calls I can speak both formally and informally with ease. Plus I am starting to understand how katakana works since we study it during classes. We are not quite getting at kanji yet but I am sure when we do get there i will learn a lot. In the end, I am very happy I started taking Japanese with SWACIA. She has taught me so much about the language and speaking and I honestly feel like I’m almost fluent. 

~Allyssa Thorn

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