My Experience of Learning Japanese

Considering the many languages you can learn Japanese is a language that comes off as very intriguing and unique to many people. With 128 million speakers and with many learning the experience of learning and speaking the language is one that I personally can note to be something memorable and enjoyable. Learning for 2 hours per month for 7 months and comparing it to my native language English opened my eyes more to how different it is. From writing characters, learning grammar and sentence structure, and even kanji shows me how formal Japanese is and how context matters much more. Of course many hard points will stumble you at times which should be expected for any language. However the feeling of mastering a certain aspect of the language even if small is more than enough motivation which helps me reach for my goal of being fluent. With that noted it is good to remember if your not willing to put in hours of studying and practice, Japanese or learning any language generally isn’t recommended. My experience up to this point has been enjoyable and challenging and has lead me to learn different things that seem very outlandish from a western point of view. Learning about food, clothing, art, and how many social rules and customs practiced and expected in Japan not only teaches but helps me appreciate the culture even more. Though my goal of fluency hasn’t been met yet i know one day i’ll be comfortable enough to speak it with my peers and to use it on a daily basis.

~ Raymond Hill

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