Romaji (60 Hour) Course

  • Romaji course is conversation focused while Kana-kanji course is writing focused.
  • No prerequisite
  • Flexible payment plan, suited to individual needs
  • It takes usually from 60 hours to 150 hours to complete the course depends on each student’s pace and ability.
  • Total Tuition is $2057.97 (60 hours) Additional fees may apply when more time is spent than expected.
  • Group Lesson is half the price but is contingent upon enrollment. If the enrollment is not sufficient, we reserve the right to cancel this class prior to the first session.

Flexible Monthly Payment Plan

*Please choose either (1) Pay as You Go Plan or (2)Regular Monthly Plan


  • $548.73 (17 hr) 1-hour extra classes
  • $1097.59 (34 hr) 2-hour extra classes
  • $1646.38 (51 hr) 3-hour extra classes
  • You can enjoy 1 – 3 more hours of extra classes, and no worry of missing the classes and rescheduling. You cancel the classes, and you don’t have to reschedule. You can resume classes when you are able and ready without extra charge. There is no pressure when the payment is delayed, but you are simply notified when the fund is ended. Cancellation less than 24-hr prior notice will take $20 credit.


  • Cancellation of 24- hour prior to the classes, and you are eligible for rescheduling within a month. If not, one session fee is taken due to having a teacher to prepare and wait for a student.



    (with tax)

    Months Required

    24 Hours



    16 Hours



    12 Hours



    8 Hours



    4 Hours



    Our Commitment

    SWACIA is committed to supporting students of all ages in the new era of Virtual learning.

    The objective of this Japanese course is to help further a student’s education for Japanese conversation, writing, reading skills and test preparation at student’s own pace, own learning style and convenient time schedule.

    Students enrolled in our lessons appreciate the fact that our method of teaching called morphological schematization, break-down of verbs with phonetic elements, allowed them to construct sentences accurately and confidently within a short period of time. In addition, compared to other programs it is inexpensive.

    During this pandemic, we are especially proud of offering continued mentorship and support to all learners through Speaking to Native Japanese’ Virtual events, Virtual Speech/Writing Contest, Japanese Sweets Virtual party, and Professional Teaching Certifications Preparation Programs. These programs help keeping students learning from home as well as preparing them for standardized tests of all levels.

    The grammar explanation is easy to understand and I really think it is wonderful.

    Japanese Instructor Trainee