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Swacia Japanese Language School

About Us

Bridging Cultures Through Language

The Origin and Evolution of Swacia

Swacia was born in 2013 as a non-profit organization in Japan. The organization was relocated to Nigeria, Africa to teach Japanese language, then we were privileged to receive fund from Japanese government to revise Japanese in 30 weeks I Romaji Course, a textbook once was used at Oxford University. This special method reducing time to learn Japanese 10 times faster, from average speed of 1000 hours to 100 hours, was revived in 2017 when Swacia was relocated in New York and became a profit-making online school.

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Promoting Japanese Culture Through Language Instruction

Swacia’s Mission

Our mission is to provide communication enhancement through teaching Japanese language and culture worldwide.

We believe language study is essential in building a kinder and peaceable environment. It involves overcoming fear of unknown, understanding the behaviors and the ways of speech, connecting with different people with different viewpoints.

We are committed to fulfill the gaps of any misunderstanding or misconception to help bridging cultures and build connections.

Dedicated Support and Enrichment in the Virtual Learning Era

Excellence in Online Japanese Language Learning

In the new era of Virtual learning, SWACIA is committed to supporting students of all ages. We not only provide flexible and effective language courses, but also offer mentorship support and a series of virtual events to enrich one’s learning experience. Behind the scene fact of all this, Swacia continuously evolve toward its mission by creating teaching tools, researching better ways of teaching, training, counseling and providing workshops for Japanese teachers.