English Course

  • Conversation focused.
  • Detailed grammar, pronunciation, practice and types of expressions.
  • Flexible payment plan, suited to individual needs.
  • Group Lesson is half the price, but contingent upon enrollment. If the enrollment is not sufficient, we reserve the right to cancel this class prior to the first session.



(without tax)

24 Hours


16 Hours


12 Hours


8 Hours


4 Hours


2 Hours




Our Commitment

SWACIA is committed to supporting students of all ages in the new era of Virtual learning. The objective of this English course is to help further a student’s education for English conversation, writing, reading skills and test preparation at one’s own pace, learning style and convenient time schedule.

Clients, who are non-English speakers, enrolled in private lessons especially appreciate how their confidence are boosted in speaking effectively and efficiently in unfamiliar or difficult situations. They will receive reports that tell them what concepts are covered in the session, what students should work on, communication with the parents, ratings, etc.

In addition, compared to other programs it is inexpensive. During this pandemic, we are especially proud of offering continued personal mentorship and support to all learners through Virtual events, Virtual party among others with students and staff. These programs help keeping students learning from home as well as prepare them for standardized tests of all levels.

I learned that to be an instructor means to not only teach the language but also to grow as a human as I have received such kind treatment with sensitivity.
Japanese instructor trainee