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Course Detail

60 hour course: Conversation focused. Detailed grammar, pronunciation, practice and types of expressions. Total tuition: $1,750

120 hour course: Adding to what 60 hours course offers, writing hiragana, katakana, kanji. Total tuition: $3,500

Private or Group Lesson 

Private Lesson: Flexible day, flexible time based on the needs of the learner. Total tuition: $3,500

Group Lesson: Both 60 hour course and 120 hour course require more than two persons in the class. Total tuition: $7,000.


Course Content

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Lesson 1Japanese writing system · Romaji, pronunciation
Lesson 2​Word order, particles, Adverbial particle for reference “WA”, Adjectives
Lesson 3​Personal pronouns, Demonstratives, genitive case indicator particle “No”, Adverbial particle for Inclusion “MO”, Interrogatives
Lesson 4“Kudasai”, Participle form of verbs, accusative case indicator particle “O” Dative case indicator particle “NI”, Instrumental case indicator particle “DE”, Directive case indicator particle “E”, Particle indicating locations
Lesson 5​“Nai de kudasai” Three elements of a verb, Classification of Japanese verbs (I)
Lesson 6​“Masu” form of a verb, Classification of Japanese verbs (II), Subjective case indicator particle “GA”
Lesson 7Lesson 7 The verb denoting existence “Aru”, Adverbial phrases for space relations, Ablative case indicator particle “KARA” Limitative case indicator particle “Made”, Adverbial noun “Kurai” or “Gurai”
Lesson 8Idiomatic Expression with ”WA” and “GA” – Type No. I Idiomatic Expression with ”WA” and “GA” – Type No. II Nominalized form of verbs: Infinitive form + “KOTO”
Lesson 9Copular verbs “Desu” and “Deshita” A Diagram of copular verbs, The summary of usages of “GA” and “WA”
Lesson 10Numeral systems, Various time expression, Adverbial time words
Lesson 11Various Usages of true adjectives, Nominalizer “NO” Various usages of noun adjectives
Lesson 12Various usages of noun adjectives Comparison of true adjectives with noun adjectives Nominalizers “NO” and “KOTO”
Lesson 13Comparison, Concomitative case indicator particle “TO”, Comparative case indicator particle “YORI”
Lesson 14Classifiers with the first set of numerals, classifiers with the second set of numerals, instrumental case indicator particle “DE” (II)
Lesson 15The verb denoting existence of people and animals “Iru”, Durative aspects of a verb, The substitute verb “DESU”, Adverbial phrases for time relations
Lesson 16Suggestion form of verbs “-Mashoo”, Verbal adjunct “-Tai”, Negative inflection “-Nai”
Lesson 17Supposition “Deshoo” and “Daroo” “Shiri-masen” and “Wakari-masen”, Usages of the participle form
Lesson 18Supposition “Deshoo” and “Daroo” “Shiri-masen” and “Wakari-masen”, Usages of the participle form
Lesson 19Relative clause, Conditional clause
Lesson 20Causative form of verbs, Causative passive form of verbs, Coordination and conjunctions
Lesson 21Verb formation, Analytical classification of Japanese verbs
Lesson 22Relative clause, Conditional clause
Lesson 23Nominal clause, temporal and locative clauses, Concessive clause, Causal clause
Lesson 24Quotative clause, Conjunctions and their rules
Lesson 25Pre-masu form adjuncts
Lesson 26Pre-masu form adjuncts
Lesson 27Pre-nai form adjuncts, informal suggestion form adjuncts, Japanese equivalents to the English auxiliary verbs
Lesson 28Participle form adjuncts
Lesson 29Honorific prefixes and suffixes, Super-polite honorific form of verbs,Super-polite modest form of verbs, Other important super polite honorific and modest verbs
Lesson 30Honorific prefixes and suffixes, Super-polite honorific form of verbs,Super-polite modest form of verbs, Other important super polite honorific and modest verbs

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