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Why is this program so special?

Our program is designed to teach Japanese in just the matter of 30 weeks (60-120 hours), and that meets the Japanese standard exam in Japan for employment and scholarships. It has successfully arranged Japanese verbs phonologically and syntactically for the first time in a group of 19 Model Verbs from which all other verbs are correctly conjugated within a short period of time. The master of verbs is said to be the master of languages, but to acquire verbs, "19 model verbs" are used, and "4 basic types" which are provided for each verb which enable to reproduce inflections of any other Japanese verbs effortlessly. There is also a section titled "Grammatical explanation for Japanese teachers" in each Lesson for those Japanese nationals who are not good at English, but who can easily explain the grammar in English after going through it. It works for students and teachers both.

Our Mission

The purpose is to provide a communication enhancement program associated with the Japanese language in the educational systems in the U.S., and recruiting and training of Japanese instructors in Japan for English speakers - along with life-skill, vocational training, staffing, counseling, survey, child's education, promotional activities, practice planning, fundraising, and employment - all with the goal of  resolving communication gaps between The United States and Japan.

  • To provide Japanese language education, training of instructors, curriculum for language study, and skill acquisition training & awareness.

  • To create training materials such as textbooks, CDs, videos, recordings, and educational support in order to remove obstacles and communication gaps.

  • To promote intercultural understanding by means of workshops, symposiums, webinars, classroom work, etc.

  • To promote any other programs or activities that may be considered to be instrumental or conducive to the attainment of the above purposes.


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