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Why is this program so special?

Our program is designed to teach Japanese in just a matter of 30 weeks (60-120 hours).  Great advantage is the ability to let you conjugate more than 10,000 Japanese verbs correctly and automatically by simply memorizing the table of 19 model verbs diagram, called morphological schimatization.  There is no other program similar to ours and its value is priceless.  60 hour course helps you to be fluent in conversation and additional 60 hour course helps you with writings.  Our textbooks are Japanese in 30 Weeks I Romaji Course and Japanese in 30 Weeks II Kana-Kanji Course. Our expert content is suitable for high school students to corporate business. See reviews.

“The time has come that Japanese themselves acknowledge their ownership to the excellent culture and spread it around the world. It is the responsibility of the Japanese to educate good Japanese teachers.  The textbook is well-equipped to support such missions.”

“There are two types of method in teaching Japanese language.  One is ‘Direct method’ to teach Japanese by Japanese language, and the other, ‘Indirect method’ with another medium (English). The Pana-lingua’s quick learning method is the latter, but the grammatical structure and concept are clear and concise…helps us visualize and construct the realistic image.  I believe this is an effective tool to learn foreign language.”

“… I consider the elements of the Western scientific approach is essential to help the English speaker’s learning…the author is carefully selecting the topic so that the learners will enjoy the Japanese culture and language.”