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Swacia Japanese Language School

Meet The Swacia Staff

Hideko Nagashima


Our teachers have skills and knowledge in a variety of different areas, and you’d enjoy enriching experience from them. You will find available teachers during the daytime to even mid-night because they are located in different time frame in Japan and U.S.A. Usually, we choose a teacher for you to match your time, interest and goal. But if you like, you can choose your own teacher. I suggest that you read their specialized area so that they can strengthen your skills toward your goal. But if you choose more than two teachers to teach you, they can also harmonize one another consistently. Go ahead and click the names of the teachers below to see the introduction of our teachers!

AYAKO sensei


Her message:  I’d love to share more about Japanese culture and language! I look forward seeing you!

Residence: Shinjuku, Japan

Born: Tokyo, Japan

Education: Swacia’s Japanese teaching method course and certified in 2021. Currently studies sociolinguistics at a graduate school in Tokyo. Studied in England and worked as a Japanese instructor in Thailand.

Specialized area: She teaches mostly intermediate and advance students and explains grammar thoroughly yet very entertaining using her creative teaching style with many colorful tools. She is well versed with manga, anime, and modern Japanese youth culture. If you look for up-to-date information in Japan, she is the one to talk to.

IKUE sensei


Her message: I sometimes give classes combining art and Japanese, so I look forward to meeting you! Would you like to join me in SWACIA and have fun learning Japanese? 

Residence: New York

Born: Hiroshima, Japan

Education: Swacia’s Japanese teaching method course and certified in 2023. Illustrations in Osaka Japan

Specialized area: She teaches from Beginner to advance, Kana-kanji, JLPT classes of all ages. She is an excellent illustrator and good at fun ways of teaching for all levels, makes appealing tools and drawings for classes. She is good with children especially but also appreciated by many adult learners.